Digital Marketing Hashtags – 2022

Looking for the best digital marketing hashtags?
This report will give you the top hashtags for digital marketing that you can use instantly in an Instagram post or on any social media platform.

If you are trying to make a social presence for your business, using appropriate hashtags will help you in being discovered by your target audience.

In this guide, you will get 3 free reports of top trending digital marketing hashtags plus you will learn how to use hashtags properly to excel in your social media marketing.

Top Digital Marketing Hashtags In 2022

Here is your first free report of top trending digital marketing hashtags that you can instantly use for your next Instagram post or any other social account.

These hashtags have a comparatively lower volume, meaning lower posts to compete with. If you already have a decent number of followers, there can be better chances for your posts to get discovered when someone searches these hashtags.

S.No Top 10 Digital Marketing Hashtags Volume
22,830,913 posts
32,684,632 posts
30,373,000 posts
15,496,543 posts
18,455,757 posts
82,650,151 posts
35,997,573 posts
61,063,981 posts
6,000,281 posts
6,252,291 posts

Here, the volume means the number of posts that each hashtag has which shows the popularity of these hashtags.

But also, these numbers signify the high competition.
For example, if #digitalmarketing has a volume of 22,830,913 that means your post with this hashtag has to compete with 22,830,913 similar posts with the same hashtag.

2nd Most Popular Digital Marketing Hashtags

Here is another set of trending but a little less voluminous done-for-you-hashtag that can boost your impressions on any social media platform including social giants like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

S.No Medium Volume
89,218 posts
2,489,434 posts
1,063,540 posts
1,599,531 posts
9,641,736 posts
1,285,834 posts
1,501,740 posts
759,635 posts
2,913,446 posts
1,796,549 posts

3rd Most Popular Digital Marketing Hashtags

S.No Normal Volume
1,795,242 posts
261,214 posts
1,710,302 posts
400,946 posts
8,593 posts
84,676 posts
110,810 posts
4,550 posts
182,969 posts

What are Hashtags Why are they Important?

Hashtags are nothing else but metadata.

“Meta what?” you say.

Metadata is, you can say, a more technical term for keywords. Just like keywords used in a blog helps search engine algorithms understand what it is about, similarly, the hashtags used in a social post tell the social site algorithms and the users what the post is about.

Why Should You Use Hashtags?

Because as I said hashtags let the algorithms know what is the topic of your post and help them to categorize your post according to the hashtag you use.

And this way it helps your post reach the right audience that would be interested in your content. Let me explain to you how these social media algorithms work and don’t be scared, we are not going to a Math class.

The main purpose of algorithms is to serve the users of the platform with user-friendly content according to their interests. Remember, whenever you create a social account say on Twitter or  Insta while setting up your account they ask you to pick your interest fields.

They use this data and the data of your searches, clicks, likes, and comments to analyze what kind of content you like to engage with and show you more similar content.

And hashtags play a very powerful role in helping people discover your content.

For example, if you sell skincare products, using hashtags like #skincare #beauty #glowingskin #healthyskin will let people know about what your brand is about.

Especially, if you are a newborn brand who wants to spread awareness about its products or services, without hashtags no matter how valuable your content is, it’ll all go in vain.

How to Choose Hashtags for Digital Marketing

When it comes to social media marketing, it can be overwhelming for a newbie marketer or entrepreneur to choose the right hashtags.

But it is highly important to choose the right hashtags for making your posts and campaigns successful.

Tips To Choose Hashtags For Digital Marketing

  1. Consider Your Industry : Make sure to use hashtags according to your niche.
  2. Learn from Competitors : Do competitor research to see what hashtags are driving results for them.
  3. Check the Volume : Considering the volume for a particular hashtag is essential especially if you are in the very initial stage of your social media marketing.
  4. Keep Your Hashtags Simple: Some businesses use customized hashtags to make an identity for their brand but remember to keep your hashtags brief so that the audience can remember and spell them correctly.

How Many Hashtags Should You Use?

Another interesting question that most Instagrammers often ask is “how many hashtags should I use in a post?”

Instagram allows to use a maximum of 30 hashtags in a post but according to experts even 5-10 trending hashtags are enough. In fact, according to stats, Posts with 11 or more hashtags receive 80% interaction whereas posts with only 2 tags receive 41% interaction.

The best practice is to create a blend of high volume, moderate volume, niche-specific, daily tags, seasonal hashtags, and branded hashtags.

This type of hashtags mix can play well for you as you can cover all the stuff you want to talk about in your post and get the most trending hashtags too.

But while choosing the trending hashtags keep in mind to stay relevant to your post. I mean, you can’t use #digitalmarketing on a video showing a cake recipe. Right?

So use relevant hashtags that will help you reach the right audience.

How to Grow Your Brand Using Hashtags

Using the right hashtags can not only spread brand awareness but can also position you as a thought leader in your industry.

These tiny hyperlinks can make you go viral overnight or expose your content to the right audience that can be your future leads and customers.

According to a Hubspot report, 37% of marketers state using popular hashtags has been most effective when posting on Instagram feed and 82% of marketers leverage hashtags as a part of their Instagram strategy.

Have a look at these examples of some popular brands that leveraged their branded hashtags.

1.#ShareACoke by Coca-Cola is one of the most popular branded hashtags on the internet and by using this tag in their Tweet, Instagram feed, and everywhere on the social media Coca Cola encouraged users to use to put this tag in their posts too.

And with time it becomes a trend to share a pic of your coke bottle with #ShareACoke whenever you drink one.

2. The #LikeAGirl campaign by Always became so much more than just a hashtag for several girls and women around the world. Always which is a sanitary pad brand called out the common use of the phrase ‘Like-a-girl’ as an insult.

This fired up the internet and motivated many girls including celebs and female athletes to share what it means for them to do things Like A Girl and how much they loved the commercial.

3.Oreo cookies did a holiday campaign with #OreoHorrorStories for Halloween in which they shared a Vine of parody horror stories and users loved it.

So inspired by these examples you create your own branded hashtags and left your audience buzzing about your brand. Yes we know we are all not the industry giants like Coke, Always, or Oreo but still using your customized branded hashtags can help you establish your business as a brand in the future.

And to that, you can try encouraging your followers AKA audience to use your tags in their posts with some giveaways, rewards or you can start a contest to win free prizes.

Wrap Up

Using the right digital marketing hashtags can make your content visible and stand out in the crowd of 95 million photos on Instagram. But it’s not easy to consistently serve great content and club it with the right tags to cater to your audience.

And we understand choosing hashtags, scheduling content, and creating an effective social media strategy is not easy, especially for small businesses, solopreneurs, or new startups. 

Hopefully, this post was helpful and you can use all these hashtags in your next social post but if you need more than just digital marketing hashtags and looking for an expert team that can help you grow on social media, reach out to us and we’ll help you achieve your social media goals for you.

FAQs About Digital Marketing Hashtags

Hashtags are tiny hyperlinks that inform the algorithms of a social media platform like Instagram about a post or picture. While doing digital marketing hashtags can play an important role as these tags can help your business reach the right audience.

Top trending hashtags on Instagram for 2022 are: #Love #Instagood #Instadaily #Photooftheday #cute #happy #tbt #cats_of_instagram

Hashtags can be really effective tools if you use them correctly and these meta tags can help you reach your audience, build your brand, spread awareness, and much more.

Yes, if you want to take your business to social media, hashtags can be very helpful and can take you to the right audience.

Brands use hashtags to reach their audience moreover popular or trending hashtags can help brands in building a direct connection with the target audience.

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