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Andreas Arvidsson

Hey Everyone!
I would like to recommend Ishaan’s Solo ads VA services.. I have been using his services for over 2 years now, and he and his team is quite professional in handling sales.
His team knows how to reach out to a prospect, and how to convert them into a solo ad buyer at a good profitable price.
He has been handling solo ads sales for me and I am quite happy with the sales I’m getting on the monthly basis.
I would highly recommend to all the solo ad vendors out there to give a shot to his services. Thanks

Mark Lee

Ishaan, I want to publicly thank you for all the great work you’ve done for my business. You and your solo ad VA’s helped me increase my bottom line immensely. I hope we can continue partnering for years to come. Cheers!

Sanish Kushwaha

I would like to give a shout out to Ishaan Narang and his Solo Ads VA agency. I decided to hire his team about 2 years back when I was struggling in my business and was in delima to either close my business or sell it. Then I came to know about Ishaan and his services. I hired him and handover my solo ads business totally.. From that day to today I have been making consistent income and enjoying totally handsfree and automated business. So if you are also struggling and want some help in your solo ads business then Ishaan is the real guy.. Just try his services and you won’t regret.

Olivier Bulcke

It’s great working with Ishaan Narang, they have good customer service and support. Their team have created an amazing website for my business. The site built according my need which delivers high conversion and satisfactory results.
Now we are working on growing my solo ads business.
Thanks Ishaan Narang for your VA service. His trained & professional VAs had helped me boosted my business. I would recommend his service for anyone who’s looking for VA.

Rong Zhen Ye

Thanks Ishaan Narang for his VA service. His trained VAs had helped me boosted my business. I would recommend his service for anyone who’s looking for VA.
You can contact him at if you’re looking for VA.