Solo Ads

SOLO Ad is a marketing piece used in email marketing in order to get traffic, leads, and… eventually make sales. SOLO Ads are email ads; this is, a selling email through which you’re promoting your offer

A Solo Ad in Affiliate Marketing is a way where you send out your email having your Landing Page, Squeeze Page, Website or Affiliate Product Sales Page’s Link to other people email’s list related to your niche or product.

In other words, it is simply like an email that you send out to your friend. But here you pay a fixed amount of money to solo ad provider to send out your email to his email list.

Sometimes solo ad providers use their own email copy and you simply have to give them your landing page, squeeze page, website or affiliate product sales page’s link. See below an example how a solo ad looks like.

what is solo ads in affiliate marketing

As you can see in the above email that I have received an email from Dan for his Facebook Ad Q&A Free Training with a link/hyperlink which says Secure your spot HERE.

If you click on this link then you will be taken to next page or you can see his landing page of Facebook AD Free Training where you have to submit your email and name to get access to his Facebook Ad FREE Training.

So this way he will get your name and email address and will build his email list very easily.

We at Social Emerger can help you in building high quality list so that you can sell them again and again.